Breathwork is one of the most transformative and impactful experiences that is available naturally.

Through Breathwork, and energy healing, Sharon takes you on a journey to your soul. A moving and enlightening process of meeting, releasing and reentering. Connecting you back to the core of your truest, most connected self, enabling healing and creating space for the life that you most desire.

Our journey assists you in shutting down the part of the mind that is always narrating and creating stories and carries you into the experience of being, where you connect with your heart and with your untapped energy system. From here, you may meet and release unneeded learned or inherited limitations and come into a deeper feeling of peace and ease, and reconnect with the essence that you desire to live from.

Holistic Therapy

Working with your breath is the most important element to living a good life. Your breath connects you to who you are and determines whether you are stressed or calm, whether you stand tall, or hunch over, and whether you are happy or sad.

Remembering to breathe properly is a life changing, lifesaving mechanism! Through breath we can become free of pain.
The next step is understanding what you can do with your breath, and what your breath can do for you – hint: it wants to be used!

Working with yogic and sacred breathing techniques, Sharon creates a personal prescription for each of her clients to allow them to realize their breath and learn what it can do for them.

There are no mistakes, and each breath is a new birth – an opportunity to begin again, and we get this chance around 20,000 times a day!

Understanding how to breathe better is a gift, the journey from there is a portal to your freedom.