About Sharon
Sharon is a spiritual health and breathwork expert, a transformational guide, and an author. As the founder of The Breath School® and the creator of Empowered Consciousness Breathwork™ Sharon’s mission is for people to be reconnected with their inner peace and joy. With over three decades of experience, Sharon draws from her deep understanding of spiritual psychology and the teachings of A Course in Miracles to create a space for your healing, growth, and awakening.

Through the power of the breath and intuitive coaching, Sharon helps you uncover and release blockages, triggers, and disturbances, allowing for profound healing and transformation to take place. Whether you’re navigating life’s challenges or seeking to align with your truest nature, Sharon’s gentle, unique and intuitive approach offers personalized support tailored to create your deepest healing so that you can step into a life where happiness and success are your default.

Experience the profound shift that comes from aligning your thoughts and actions with peace. As you journey with Sharon you get to discover the essence of your true self, and remember who you are on this sacred path of awakening.

Sharon works as a 1:1 Breath and Spirit guide and holds live Empowered Consciousness Breathwork™
and Meditation events in Surrey, and around the world.

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