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A personalized session that focuses on creating wellbeing, peace and harmony. We start here. Making you feel safe in your own body. Transforming challenges into potentiality, and moving from anxiety and fear into grace.
Removing tensions and stuck emotions, enabling insights, connecting you back to your core.
Are you ready to delve into the space behind your mind, to release the effects of stress and negative habits that are not serving you?
Discover your truest nature and connection with the Infinite through this ancient spiritual and healing practice.

Your journey begins


Uncovering Truth

A 3-session package enables deeper transformation. Designed to open up your awareness to possibility and the truth of who you are and what your life can be.
More than dipping your toes, this is for you if you are ready to begin lasting transformation, change your own inner energies, and have a positive impact on the world and everyone around you.
Here, you release the limitations that have been placed on you, and that you placed on yourself.
Includes initial personalized 1:1 session.

save £60. £200 per session


Coming Home to Self

Coming Home to Self is a full and life transformational course. An intensive journey where we work together over ten sessions to uncover and clear any patterns and limiting beliefs, transforming fear and anxiety into a life of health, harmony and peace of mind. As we create the space for the expansion of your truest self you learn to take right action towards actualizing the goals, dreams and intentions you have for yourself. You simply get better at life, and understand what it means to be fully alive. Be prepared to go on a journey and bring your bliss Home. Includes deep meditation, sacred practices, prayer and embodiment breathwork.

saving £300 £190 per session.



A specifically designed session for couples or small groups (4 max). Take your relationships with each other and beyond to new realms of understanding as you journey together into the deepest part of you. The Truth behind all that is.
A sacred moment to share and remember forever. Step out of life as you know it and enter into life as it could be, and then know together that it is possible to live in your Upmost Joy, your Heartfelt Truth, and your Highest Consciousness.

A shared experience