The Love Within. Meditation Course.

The Love Within is a mini-course designed to find your True North. To come Home to the peace and calm that is yours. If you are just starting out on your meditation journey, or if you have been meditating for some time and are looking for a refresher, this course reminds you of the basics and offers you the chance to begin and keep going with a regular practice. Through this journey you learn to overcome stress and bring your calm in the face of anything. You will learn how to sit with yourself, what brings you to the most peace and how to carry that in to all of your life. We look at different types of meditation so that you can discover what you love and what works best for you. By the end of this course, you will have a regular meditation practice in place and know the type of meditation that suits you best.

Advanced Meditations


A Portal into Serenity

She Woke Up

She Woke Up